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Bonjou! We Are Glad You're Here.

The St. Michael's Haiti Ministry is led by a committee made up of parishoners, many of whom have worked with the ministry for many years. We work in tandem with our friends in Haiti who work at St. Paul's Church and St. Paul's School. We work to provide the financial and operational support to maintain the school -- which has grown over the years to include hundreds of students in grades including pre-K through 12. We work from afar as well as on the ground as we sponsor and organize mission trips yearly to help with new supplies and facility projects.

Current Ministry Committee Team:

Gary Welker

Lisa Welker

Bob Carlson

Janae Hanzlick

Megan Lynch

Mike Treas

Matt Tidwell

Anita Menke

Betsy Wickstrom

Interested in donating to help us?  Click HERE and choose "Haiti Fundraiser"

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